Protection of fragile goods Why use of a professional packaging?

Fragile goods doesn’t strictly mean light goods. Like a plastic bottle, fragile goods may be liable to deformation, friction, humidity or corrosion. Shrink-wrap, due to its composition and ease of use, offers a number of solutions to all of these problems.

Emballage de protection des produits fragiles Ripack
Emballage de protection des produits fragiles Ripack

Protect Your Goods
With Shrinkwrapping

During storing or transporting of your goods, there is a significant risk that some of your products may get damaged and the conditions en route may result in defects that adversely affect customer satisfaction.

For a food container manufacturer, complete impermeability to dust is required. In this case, shrink-wrap can meet this requirement by adding layflat film between the pallet and the load, which is welded to the cover when it is shrunk. This example demonstrates one of the many advantages of shrink-wrap.
Packaging rubbing on painted products (boat hull, bodywork, etc.) can scratch them and require costly repair work. Some shrink-wrap techniques incorporate a silky protective layer which makes it possible to prevent this risk.

Lastly, the best thing about shrink-wrap, apart from its stability, is that it can adapt to the shape of the load. Unlike stretch film that is wrapped very tightly to provide average stability, shrink-wrap moulds closely to the shape of the product and becomes rigid once cooled. In addition to providing exceptional stability, shrink-wrap keeps the load in great condition.

Innovate with your
wrapping with shrink-wrap

The technical excellence of shrink-wrap makes it the prefect solution to a number of problems. In this case, wrapping plays another role in addition to stabilising your load. Opaque white films that protect boats during overwintering contain, for example, UV-inhibitors to prevent fabrics and paintwork getting discoloured.

Technology called VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) makes it possible to prevent metal parts getting corroded during transport. These solutions have been incorporated into shrink-wrap in order to wrap large parts, foundry moulds or other items liable to rust.

Due to the technical excellence of our range of films, many other problems can be resolved. Please contact us for further information.

Emballage de protection des produits fragiles Ripack