Film sealing machine Multicover 9503 film dispenser Shrink film dispenser

Your shrink-wrapping station can also be optimised by making it easier to handle your shrink-wrap. The Multicover 9503 dispenser is the ideal accessory for ensuring your pre-cut covers, and rolls of film or tubing are ready to use in your production area.

Technical table
Maximum weight 200 kg x 2
Maximum width 1500 mm
Maximum diameter 550 mm
Multicover bi-bobines 9503

Shrink film dispenser Multicover 9503,
a convenient and easy-to-use equipment

The Multicover 9503 dispenser allows you to use two types or formats of film or tubing interchangeably, without tedious handling or wasting time. It allows you to set up your rolls of film so they can be easily unwound.

On castors, it can be easily moved around to add new rolls of film or shrink-wrap in another area of the warehouse.

Dévidoir de film multicover 9503
Multicover 9503 contours

An easy solution to protect your pallets

The simplicity of its installation and use makes it possible to have rolls of films stored and at hand. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with the Multicover 940, 950 and 960 sealers, which together make it possible to use three different rolls.