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Accessories Calpack pallet raiser Easy and always ready

Good shrink-wrapping starts with the correct placement of the shrink-wrap. The accessory, Ripack USA’s Calpack Pallet Raiser, helps you by creating a space under the pallet in order to slide under the excess shrink-wrap. Pallet raisers are versatile tools for loading, unloading, and transporting materials of various kinds and sizes. Pallet raisers maximize the efficiency of overhead material handling systems and are especially helpful in areas that have narrow storage aisles or are inaccessible with fork lift trucks.

Technical table

Weight 12 kg
Height 5 cm
Coating epoxy paint

Calpack Pallet Raiser for an optimum products stability

This method makes it possible to seat the load on the pallet and to ensure its stability during long journeys or with considerable handling.

The quality and optimal results obtained with shrink-wrapping your pallets also depends on the Ripack accessories you use.

Calpack Pallet Raiser
Calpack Pallet Raiser

Calpack pallet raiser helps you for a better placement of your shrink hood on your pallet

Calpack makes it possible to lift a pallet placed on a forklift or pallet truck by five centimetres. Therefore, it helps shrink the film under the four corners of the pallet and optimises the stability of the load during transportation.
Its dimensions are calculated for 800 x 1200 mm pallets It is supplied with wideners suitable for 1000 x 1200, 40? x 40? or 40? x 48? pallets.
The Calpack pallet raiser is easy to use thanks to its handle and nylon roller.

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