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Our protection solutions
for your goods

Depending on your business sector, your goods may be subject to a lot of risk, from boxes being ruined during transport to metal parts getting corroded during storage. The following information will help you understand the technical qualities of the films and find the solution to your packaging problems at last.

In the form of a cover, layflat film or large widths, shrink-wrap makes it possible to protect your goods with no size or shape limitations.

Solution protection marchandises Ripack

Protections solutions..

Against corrosion

The undeniable advantage of shrink-wrap is that it is able to incorporate “active” agents that […]

Against rain – humidity

The large majority of goods transported worldwide are packed in cardboard boxes for transportation. Light, […]

Against sun damage

Despite what you might think, the sun can be destructive when it comes to paint, […]

Against theft

One of the requirements for a good logistics service is being able to identify the […]

Against scratches

During transportation, loads are subject to countless micromovements. Jolts from a truck, contact with other […]

for all

Pack your goods and protect against what ?

Solution protection pluie marchandises Ripack

Rain protection

Solution protection humidité marchandises Ripack

Moisture protection

Solution protection corrosion marchandises Ripack

Corrosion protection

Solution protection UV marchandises Ripack

Anti-uv protection

Solution protection vol marchandises Ripack

Protection against theft

Solution protection casse marchandises Ripack

Protection against breakage

Solution protection feu marchandises Ripack

Anti-flammable protection

Pictogramme protection contre les rayures

Scratch protection

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