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Packaging against thief
How to secure my goods?

One of the requirements for a good logistics service is being able to identify the load, scan barcodes, upon arrival. Shrink-wrap is completely transparent and protects the labels on each box.

It also makes it possible to see whether there is any damage or goods that have been stolen upon delivery. It is difficult to see through many layers of stretch film but it couldn’t be easier with shrink-wrap.

Film rétractable protection anti vol
Film rétractable protection anti vol

The shrink film,
the solution to your theft of pallets

A large part of goods theft occurs during transportation, either directly from the lorry or whilst being stored in loading hubs. It is difficult for the end customer to know whether anything has been stolen upon receiving the goods.

When a pallet is protected with stretch film, it couldn’t be easier to open the film with a cutter, remove a box and add another layer of film. When the goods are delivered, it is not possible to see there are some missing. However, if the load is shrink-wrapped it is very noticeable and it is impossible to shrink-wrap a pallet in the back of a lorry.

The shrinkwrap
takes the shapes of your products

Shrink-wrap has the advantage that it takes the shape of the load and keeps that shape after it has cooled. Therefore, this characteristic makes it possible to see an area where a box is missing and to lodge a complaint with the haulier. The customer is thus able to forestall and not have to write off a total loss.

The transparency of shrink-wrap is also an advantage as it makes it possible to see the load is complete. Otherwise, you can also choose a cover or tubing that is completely opaque which can also help to protect your load.

Film rétractable protection anti vol

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