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Wrap product with varied shapes
Why use a professional packaging?

In the materials and food industries, the supply of car parts or supermarket returns, unstable pallets with loads in a variety of shapes are commonplace. When protected with stretch film, pallets very often arrive damaged or with part of the load missing. The solution? Shrink-wrap of course!

Emballage de protection des produits fomes variées Ripack
Emballage de protection des produits fomes variées Ripack

Adapt your wrapping
to your products using shrink-wrap

The shrinking capacity of a good quality shrink-wrap makes it possible to protect pallets that are very different in shape with a cover of the same size. Furthermore, shrink-wrap is also very easily sealed using the heat from a Ripack shrink gun which makes it possible to wrap any shape.
For pallets of varying heights, choose a wide Multicover sealer in order to make your own covers. This way you are free to make whatever you need, without wasting any film.

More than simply protecting
your goods, it guarantees them

In addition to its ability to adapt to your load, trade products are often damaged or targeted by thieves. Thanks to shrink-wrap, you have a way to see if any goods are missing upon receipt or if they have been damaged. It is difficult to see the products under stretch film. It is also very easy to use a cutter to remove a product and re-wrap the pallet with a cheap roll of film. It would be impossible to re-shrink a cover or to hide any missing products under a heat shrink cover.

There are many advantages to shrink-wrap and Ripack tools make it easy to use. Ask your distributors for a demonstration and sample the quality of shrink-wrap.

Emballage de protection des produits fomes variées Ripack

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