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Cardboard boxes protection
Why use a professional packaging?

In packaging, boxes are the main way of protecting your packages. Easy to use, they are easily adapted to your basic needs. Their limitations can be offset by using heat shrink covers during transportation or for long-term storage.

Emballage de protection des cartons Ripack
Emballage de protection des cartons Ripack

The importance of protecting
cartons from moisture

Boxes make it possible to group several products together quickly and cheaply. Depending on its thickness, it can then be stacked on a pallet for transportation. Then, stretch film is used but these two materials reach their limits during long-term storage, transport or with significant handling.

This is where shrink-wrap comes in handy, by providing a protective, watertight “film” over the product during periods where there is an element of risk, such as during transportation and handling. Unfortunately, boxes being ruined due to humidity means that some of these qualities are lost. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a load which disintegrates because the boxes are full of water. There is nothing more expensive than repacking the goods in other boxes to dispatch them again.

Therefore, the use of shrink-wrap guarantees your products are completely protected and reduces any hidden costs whilst using your other materials.

The ideal professional packaging
to protect cardboard cartons from deformation

As previously mentioned, the most common overwrapping solution is stretch film. When the carton is heavy, there is a tendency to use multiple layers of stretch film and increase how tightly the load is secured. Furthermore, with the exception of some automatic solutions, only the load’s horizontal stability (holds the load together), and not the vertical stability (supports the load), can be ensured.
Several problems become apparent such as the load getting deformed due to the tension of the stretch film. This is not a problem with shrink-wrap, which fits closely to the shape of the goods without constraining them and protects them once cooled.

It also resolves the issue regarding stability because shrink-wrap is the only “manual” solution that ensures the load is properly secure in both directions due to the bi-directional nature of the films.

Therefore, together these advantages demonstrate that shrink film is recommended when moving your heavy or fragile loads packed in boxes.

Please contact us for advice and to help you choose the solution best suited to your needs.

Emballage de protection des cartons Ripack

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