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Heavy loads protection
Why use a shrink film?

In general, the main reason for changing from stretch film to shrink-wrap is the weight of the protected loads. The technical excellence of the shrink-wrap available on the market make it possible to adjust the thickness of the film, its composition and how much it shrinks to the load in question.

Emballage de protection des charges lourdes Ripack
Emballage de protection des charges lourdes Ripack

Shrink film and heavy goods,
a perfect combination

Shrink-wrap is available in a maximum thickness of 300 microns. In general, for heat shrink covers, the average thickness varies between 110 and 150 microns. Using this type of thickness, the majority of the products and weight supported by the pallet are covered.

To group together heavy loads, it is sometimes possible to use layflat film and the way shrink-wrap can be sealed makes it possible to use several layers to protect the load.

By way of comparison, stretch film has a thickness of around 20 microns, which means it would require a huge amount of successive layers to achieve an identical thickness and is not water-resistant or able to properly stabilise the load.

Heavy loads,
the technical excellence of
shrink-wrap for all your requirements

Heavy loads are often related to industrial goods, machines, equipment or vehicles. The technical excellence of shrink-wrap makes it possible not only to keep your load stable, but to protect your product against corrosion, UV light and a certain amount of rubbing on the paintwork.

Anti-corrosive films are available, which diffuse protective agents during transportation. Opaque films with an anti-UV coating make it possible to protect your paintwork and seals from UV damage. Lastly, films that incorporate areas covered in a non-woven material make it possible to protect any paintwork that risks being rubbed against during transportation.

Emballage de protection des charges lourdes Ripack

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