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Shrink wrap applications
Shrink wrap film

The LDPE shrink film ensures a “tailor-made” packaging of all products, alone or in groups, by matching the most varied profiles (size, volume, irregular shape, material, etc…). This is referred to as its high conformability.

Shrink-wrapping stabilizes and secures the contents of the pallets while offering excellent protection against various aggressions such as dirt, dust, weather (rain, snow, wind)… etc.

Application emballage professionne Ripack

Professional packaging
for your products ship
single or in bulk

Protecting different shapes

In the materials and food industries, the supply of car parts or supermarket returns, unstable […]

Protecting fragile goods

Fragile goods doesn’t strictly mean light goods. Like a plastic bottle, fragile goods may be […]

Protecting industrial goods

Special machines, engines, sections of aircraft and wind turbines all have something in common: their […]

Protecting boxes

In packaging, boxes are the main way of protecting your packages. Easy to use, they […]

Protecting heavy loads

In general, the main reason for changing from stretch film to shrink-wrap is the weight […]

Protecting pallets

How to ensure your customers are satisfied with the transportation of your goods? Using pallets […]

Protecting bulky products

Very tall, very long, very heavy or with sharp angles, many goods end up in […]

The solution for
stabilize and secure
all your products

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