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Humidity Protection Shrink-Wrap Packaging
How to protect my goods against humidity?

The large majority of goods transported worldwide are packed in cardboard boxes for transportation. Light, inexpensive and easy to use, cardboard has one weakness: rain. Shrink-wrap is completely impermeable, therefore, it can be useful in protecting your boxes.

Humidity Protection Shrink Wrap Packaging
Humidity Protection Shrink Wrap Packaging

Shrink film,
to avoid repacking expenses

The main cause behind ruined boxes and the products they protect is humidity. Simply leaving a product on a loading bay for a few minutes during a storm is all that is required to ruin the boxes.

Even when protected by stretch film, the water runs between the layers of the film and damages the boxes, which become unusable for the end customer.
Shrink-wrap protects your pallet of boxes on all five sides. The cover’s seal on the top of the pallet is impermeable and the thickness of the film mitigates any shock and potential contact damage.

Shrink wrapping,
perfect solution against humidity

Boxes make it possible to group several products together quickly and cheaply. Depending on its thickness, it can then be stacked on a pallet for transportation.

This is where shrink-wrap comes in handy, by providing a protective, watertight “film” over the product during periods where there is an element of risk, such as during transportation and handling. Unfortunately, boxes being ruined due to humidity means that some of these qualities are lost. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a load which disintegrates because the boxes are full of water. There is nothing more expensive than repacking the goods in other boxes to dispatch them again.
Therefore, the use of shrink-wrap guarantees your products are completely protected and reduces any hidden costs whilst using your other materials.

Humidity Protection Shrink Wrap Packaging

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