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Accessories Gas hose reel for heat shrink tool for a packaging station always tidy

The Ripack gas hose reel ensures your workstation is kept well-organised and a longer product life for your equipment. A quality job also depends on the Ripack accessories you use.

Technical table

Weight 15.2 kg
Hose length / drum length 15 m
Length of connection pipe 1.5 m
Material Adjustable stopper and unwinds with ratchet system

Secure your packaging area thanks to the Ripack gas hose reel winder

Like any workstation, a Ripack shrink-wrap station functions best when equipment can be properly stored. With its automatic hose retraction system, you no longer have to drag your Ripack shrink gun around.

A ratchet locks your hose at the required length to make it easier to shrink-wrap your pallets. Simply pulling on the hose triggers the retraction mechanism.

The reel is an alternative to the Ripack gas bottle trolley and also makes it easier to move around goods that need shrink-wrapping.

Enrouleur de tuyau gaz vue de près
Enrouleur de tuyau à gaz contours

Wrap easily multiple pallets thanks to the Ripack gas hose reel winder

After installing the reel in your wrapping area, the pivoting wall mount makes it easy to move around unobstructed. The Ripack reel comes already fitted with a 15 m hose to help you protect your products under shrink-wrap.
The 15 m hose makes it easy to shrink-wrap several pallets without having to move them around.
Its sheet metal drum and reinforced gas hose guarantee the safety and durability required by professionals.

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