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Accessories Gas bottle trolley mobility of your packaging station

The Ripack Gas Bottle Trolley is an essential accessory for moving around your shrinking equipment safely and ensuring your equipment lasts. A quality job depends on the Ripack accessories you use.

Technical table

Model 936 for a 13 kg bottle
Model 932 for a 33 kg bottle

Time-saving and ease of movement thanks to the Ripack USA gas bottle trolley for heat shrink tools

For unstable loads, it is sometimes necessary to go to the load. Thanks to the Ripack gas bottle trolley, you can easily move your shrinking equipment.

In some production areas, sometimes loads that need to be shrink-wrapped are not all in the same place. This is another advantage of this completely portable solution.

Its design means it fits the bottle securely and its pole helps you manage the hose.

Gas Bottle Trolley - Ripack USA
Gas Bottle Trolley - Ripack USA

Optimum safety thanks to the Ripack gas bottle cart, no effort!

Extremely practical for being able to move your gas bottle around effortlessly, the trolley also helps to improve safety in the workplace. Being able to move gas bottles around in your warehouse is recommended by your insurer.

The gas hose of your Ripack shrink gun is also protected from any potential damage with a flexible or articulated hose guide depending on the model selected.

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