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Film sealing machine Multicover 950 Manual sealers

With the Ripack USA Multicover 950 film sealers. Ripack makes it possible for you to make your own covers. The heat produced by your shrink gun together with the design of these Multicover sealers produces a strong seal suitable for protecting your goods.

Technical table

Sealing process RIPACK gun
Manual cutting process Sliding blade
Maximum sealing capacity Thickness 4 x 500 µ
Length 1500 mm
Maximum admissible roll Ø 500 mm – 200 kg
Weight – Dimensions ( L x W ) 72 kg – 1800 x 650 mm


Produce your own shrink hoods easily and quickly with the wide sealer

Multicover 950 is simple and easy to use.  The range of Multicover sealers means it is finally possible to have tailor-made covers for your goods.
It is no longer necessary to stock different lengths of covers and cut them on unsuitable surfaces. This range of equipment will meet your requirements.
The Multicover 950 make it possible, from rolls of polyethylene film, gusseted tubing, plain tubing, folded film or plain film, to make covers and envelopes in a variety of heights and formats.

Multicover 950 en application
Mutlicover 940/950 contour

A range adapted to your needs

The Multicover 950 sealer makes it possible to work at a considerably faster pace due to its sliding blade and its sealing press. For medium production runs, the robustness of the Multicover 950 sealer will meet the requirements of an industrial shrink-wrap station.

For large production runs, please take a look at the information about our Multicover 960 electric sealer.

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