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Corrosion protection shrink-wrap packaging
How to protect my products?

The undeniable advantage of corrosion protection shrink-wrap is that it is able to incorporate “active” agents that make it possible, for example, to protect against corrosion. Therefore, this technology is replacing tedious overwrapping and anti-corrosive product layers.

Corrosion Protection Shrink Wrap Packaging
Corrosion Protection Shrink Wrap Packaging

The VCI Protection
Of Your Goods

Bulky products are often transported by sea, undertaking long journeys in conditions where there are significant levels of humidity, which can result in goods quickly getting corroded.
Technology called VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) makes it possible, for example, to prevent metal parts from getting corroded during transport. These solutions have been incorporated into shrink-wrap in order to wrap large parts, foundry moulds or other items liable to rust.

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