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UV Protection
How to protect my goods?

Despite what you might think, the sun can be destructive when it comes to paint, seals and other UV-sensitive coatings. Because it is opaque and UV resistant, shrink-wrap can act as a barrier against sun damage for longer than a year.

Film rétractable protection anti soleil UV Ripack
Film protection soleil UV Ripack

solidity and professional protection

Many goods suffer damage related to the deterioration of materials caused by UV light. For example, during winter periods, boats are protected under an anti-UV cocoon. The advantage of this method is that it helps preserve the colour of trims and paint.

In the same way, interior or marine doors, are fitted with seals that are not very resistant to UV light. Therefore, being stored outdoors for long periods in a shipyard can affect their impermeability.

There are many examples of how to protect industrial goods and we will of course be delighted to help you to choose the right film and equipment.