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Mobile Shrink Column Turbopack the heat tools alternative

The Turbopack shrinking column is the ideal solution for really significant quantities. Capable of shrinking more than 150 pallets a day, Turbopack is the alternative to Ripack shrink guns and a very expensive automatic line.

Technical table

Power developed 190 kW
Consumption at 100% 12 kg/h
Adjustable operating pressure 2 to 3 bar
Gas used Propane bottles 10/19 kg
Weight when empty 110 kg
Distance around pallet 140 cm
Maximum shrinking height 240 cm (without canopy)

Autonomy and mobility, the advantages of a mobile packaging shrink station

The Turbopack is a heat-producing column mounted on a trolley that can be easily moved around using its pivoting wheel system. The operator is thusable to shrink-wrap anywhere in the shipping area, avoiding having to move around unstable loads.

More effective thanks to its power and its fast operation

Its unique design provides a powerful flow of hot air for great effectiveness even on thick films. It only takes 50 seconds to shrink-wrap a pallet (euro pallet) regardless of its height (height limit of 2.4 m).
Closing the shut-off valve to fix it to the required height for shrinking is the only adjustment that needs to be made. It is quick and simple to adjust to the load to be shrink-wrapped. No need for programming, tedious handling or complex maintenance.

Economical and flexible for unparalleled value for money

The Turbopack can hold up to three gas bottles (13 kg each). With more than 60 pallets wrapped per bottle, its autonomy and low gas consumption are real advantages for your shrink-wrap station.
It has no limitations in terms of the length or width of the load (unlike frames or tunnels) and works up to 2.4 m in height (2.2 m with canopy). A real selling point for very long pallets and shrink-wrapping pallets of different sizes.

Colonne de rétractation mobile Turbopack en marche
Tubopack contour

More power under full safety with our mobile shrink column

A safety device prevents it from getting unintentionally ignited by blocking the ignition handle. A two-step ignition process ensures the shrinking station is safe.

The design of the control handle means the gas supply is automatically cut off when the control handle is released.

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