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Accessories Safety cutter a precise cut for your packaging material under full safety

With Ripacks’ range of safety cutters, you can rest assured that you are working in complete safety, whatever you are cutting. With its automatically retractable blade, the Easyknife cutter should be used for your cardboard boxes, and the Safeknife, with its safety lip, should be used for cutting packaging film.

Cutter de sécurité

EasyKnife, safe knife with retractable and repleacable
blade to cut your professionnal packaging

Perfect for cutting any material; cardboard, film, plastic, paper, textiles, etc. of up to 10 mm thick.

  • EasyKnife can be held risk-free in both the hand and the pocket and will not cause any injury, thanks to its automatically retractable blade. You’ll get no more cuts due to accidents or clumsiness.
  • Access to the blade is lockable for complete safety.
  • EasyKnife is particularly popular for cutting cardboard and stiff materials, which can pinch and hold the blade out during the cutting process. The blade will then automatically retract into the handle.
  • Its ergonomic design facilitates grip.

Technical table

Overall length 110 mm
Overall width 33 mm
Net weight 32 g
Blade change 10 sec
application easy knife
Safe kife utilisation

SafeKnife, professional shrink wrap knife protected edge and replaceable blade

For any application when time-saving and safety for both user and goods are paramount; cuts plastic, paper, film, cardboard or textiles up to 2 mm thick.
Industry, boating, building, etc. and any activity using, in particular, shrink or stretch film, cardboard packaging, textile or synthetic webbing.

SafeKnife slips safely into your pocket. You’ll get no more cuts due to accidents or clumsiness. Access to the blade is lockable for complete safety.

SafeKnife only cuts packaging material, neither cutting nor scratching the product underneath, such as merchandise packaged under shrink film or stretch film.

Its ergonomic design facilitates working in any position.

Technical table

Overall length 207 mm
Overall width 68 mm
Net weight 67 g
Easy blade change 10 sec

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