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Film sealing machine Multicover 960 Electric sealer

Having a cover that is the correct size for the height of your pallet is the most important requirement for good quality shrink-wrapping. When your pallets vary significantly in height, the use of a Multicover 960 is essential.

Reduce your costs by changing to shrink tubing and prevent waste using the Multicover 960 wide sealer.

Technical table

Sealing method Adjustable electrical impulse
Power supply
Voltage and
Sealing power
230 V (50/60 Hz) – 24 V . 0.5 kVA
(other power supply available upon request)
Manual cutting process Sliding knife
Maximum sealing capacity thickness 4 x 200 µ
width 1440 mm
Maximum admissible roll Ø 500 mm – width 1500 mm – 200 kg
Weight – Dimensions (L x W x H) 95 kg – 1970 x 580 x 1430 mm
Mobility 4 rubber castors Ø 100 mm
2 fixed + 2 swivel castors with brake

Produce your own shrink hoods easily and quickly with the electric wide sealer

Thanks to its 1450 mm electric sealing bars, the Multicover 960 makes it possible to seal covers up to 1440 mm in width.

As a table sealer for your small bags, with the Multicover 960 you can make covers that are perfectly adapted to the height of your pallets.

Its width means you can work with all existing covers available on the market for 80 x 120, 100 x 120 and 120 x 120 pallets.

Multicover 960 Ripack USA official
Multicover 960 Ripack USA Official

A range adapted to your needs for intensive use

With its double sealing bars, the Multicover 960 sealer ensures you can shrink-wrap the thickest films quickly.
This technology also allows your seal to cool during the time it takes to shrink-wrap the pallet to ensure a stronger seal.

Incredible flexibility to assist you with all your projects

With one film holder provided as standard, an optional, additional second holder can used with the Multicover 960 sealer. The Multicover 9503 film dispenser can also be fitted to the sealer to hold not just one but three rolls of film.
Depending on the thickness or width of your pallets, the Multicover range can assist you in protecting all your products with shrink-wrap.

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