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Ripack Multicover 960: Best Solution for Custom Shrink Covers and Wraps

The Ripack USA Multicover 960 allows you to quickly and easily make custom shrink covers or shrink wrappings from straight sleeving, flat film, gusseted sleeving or bag spool.


Shrink wrap machine is a common term used in the packaging industry. When properly used, a shrink wrap machine is referring to a machine used in heat shrink packaging that includes a sealer and heat source to apply heat to the shrink wrap. People also often mistakenly use the term shrink wrap machine when improperly describing pallet stretch wrap machines.


The shrink wrap machine sealer closes open ends of the shrink film, and the heat source applies heat to the material to shrink it down to the product. Low output operations often use a heat gun as the heat source.


Ripack offers machines for low to medium output operations. We also offer fully automatic machines for high output operations. Feel free to call us and inquire about any of our shrink wrap machines. Of course, we are always here after the sale for machine troubleshooting.


Why the Ripack Multicover 960 is the best solution for custom shrink covers and wrappings?

As a single unit or as a complete shrink wrap and cover collection As a single unit, the Ripack Multicover 960 is the most versatile shrink wrap and cover unit on the market today. The Multicover 960 contains all of the tools you need to quickly and easily make custom shrink covers or shrink wrappings.


What are the benefits of using a Ripack Multicover 960?

The Multicover 960 allow you to create custom shrink covers. The Multicover 960 makes it easier to create custom sleeving with straight or gusseted fabric and to use the Multicover 960 to produce large gusseted wraps. The Multicover 960 sealer makes it possible to work at a considerably faster pace due to its sliding blade and its sealing press. For medium production runs, the robustness of the Multicover 960 sealer will meet all the requirements of an industrial shrink-wrap station. Perfect for shrink-wrapping all types of products, including big, odd-shaped, climate-sensitive, corrosion-sensitive products.



No matter what business you’re in, you’ve probably heard of shrink wrap. Whether you’re a manufacturer or a retailer, manufacturers always seeking out new and innovative ways to provide customers with the cheapest way to transport their products. So when businesses require custom shrink wrap covers and wrappings, there are only a handful of options on the market to choose from. With the Ripack Multicover 960, however, you’ll find all the products you need to make these protective covers and wraps for your products. From straight sleeving, to gusseted sleeving, to even bag spool material, you’ll be able to make these custom products in an instant.If you’re in the market for custom shrink wraps and wrappings, take a look at the new Ripack Multicover 960 today.