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Shrink gun RIPACK 3000for all your shrinkwrap projects

Ideal for heavy use (shrink-wrapping up to 100 pallets a day), building containment, winterising boats and protecting large industrial areas.

These tools are used in a number of sectors such as manufacturing, construction, agri-food and transport/logistics.

Technical table

Power consumption 45 to 80 KW
Ergonomics dual-material handle
Weight 1220 g
Warranty 1-year warranty on parts and labor



Safety / ease of use / Short, rigid flame (unlike welding torches with long, weak flames) gas consumption


Securipack is our way of making shrink-wrapping simpler and safer every time you use it.

Ripack 3000 en contours
Pistolet de rétraction Ripack


for more efficiency and speed

The Ripack 3000 is the fastest shrink gun currently on the market. Thanks to the heat produced by a short, powerful flame, power is controlled. The quality of this heat facilitates shrink wrapping, unlike unsuitable welding torches with long, weak flames. The power of the Ripack 3000 is diffused through a fan-shaped nozzle in order to cover the largest possible surface area.

Suitable for 100 to 150 pallets a day, the Ripack 3000 is the solution to your goods protection problems.

Heat tool with
high reliability

Thanks to its exclusive patented piezo quick change system, the Ripack 3000 shrink gun is the perfect tool for working outdoors.

For confining buildings, protecting boats under shrink-wrap (winterising) or protecting large areas, the simplified maintenance of this product ensures you can work completely independently. The piezo igniter is a part subject to wear and tear, found on all the products on the market. The main difference with the Ripack 3000 is that you can change it without needing to use any tools, or needing to disassemble your product and knowing that you have a spare piezo ignitor already in your equipment (hidden in the trigger guard casing).

Pistolet de rétraction Ripack

Versatility and

To shrink large areas of film, the RIPACK® Series 3000 has a range of five extension poles from 0.5 to 2 metres long, which can also be used with the RIPACK® 2200 model and can be fitted with a simple click.

A folding arm rest makes the gun more comfortable to use when fitted with an extension pole.

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