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How should I protect a product with flat film?

The advantage of shrink wrap is that it is available in different shapes and can adapt to all loads. For either very long or smaller loads, flat film is advised.
Flat film is a continuous reel of film with no gussets, which can be folded according to width (centre-folded film).

The weldability properties of the film are therefore used to create, just like with wrapping for a present, packaging which is the closest possible size to the product.
To achieve a good weld to the film, ensure a covering of a minimum of 30 cm.

Begin by welding the film with a continued sweep, and then apply pressure on this area, using an anti-heat glove. At this stage it is essential to avoid rubbing the film, applying repeated pressure instead.

Once the welding is done, undertake the shrink wrapping by keeping the unit at a minimum distance of 30 cm, and according to shrink wrapping recommendations.
Video tutorials are available to show you the benefits of this solution.