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How to choose the right wrap or film?

The most suitable cover will facilitate the shrink wrapping of your pallet and protect your load during storage and transport. Shrink film is available in different thicknesses, different formats and different colours.
Making the right choice of wrap is therefore essential in your shrink film packaging project.
The first stage is to choose the size of the cover. There are major standards in terms of pallet sizes (80×120, 100×120, 120×120, etc.). Below are some hints for calculating a suitable size:

  • width: + 50 to 80 mm of the pallet
  • length: + 50 to 80 mm of the pallet
  • height = height of the pallet + 1/2 width + 150 to 200 mm.

For pallets of varying heights, you are advised to pass over the film in a continuous motion and complete a welding using our Multicover range of welders. This solution avoids wastage, in terms of both the quantity of film used and financial cost.
Next, the thickness of the film should be taken into account, according to the weight of the load and the storage and transport methods. An unstable and heavy load will therefore need a thick film, whereas cardboard boxes, which potentially will be stored outside, will need nothing more than a barrier to protect them from the rain.
Below is some information on film thickness:

  • in 75 % of cases: 120 µ
  • Sharp-angled products: 150 – 180 µ
  • Products that are heavy but sit well on the pallet: 130 – 140 µ
  • Products that are heavy but do not sit well on the pallet: 180 µ
  • Bags of non-fluid products: 120-140 µ
  • Bags of highly fluid products: 150 µ
  • Crates of overlapping assembly boxes: 120 µ
  • Crates of non-overlapping assembly boxes: 140-150 µ

Our configurator is at your service to give you an initial idea of the solution best suited to your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to ask our network of partners for advice in directing you to the right film for your needs.