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What does the date on the gas hose delivered with your Ripack heat shrink gun mean?

The date marked on the gas hose is the product’s year of manufacture.
This date meets the requirements of standards EN ISO 3821 (hose int. diam 6 mm) and DIN 4815 (hose int. diam 4 mm) “flexible rubber hoses for welding, cutting and related tasks”, requirements our supplies meet. No expiry date is provided.
Recommendations for replacement are as follows:

  • If there is damage on visual inspection
  • No later than every three years with intensive usage
  • No later than every five years after first use in other cases

Other elements may also appear, such as the interior diameter, the maximum resistance expressed in Bar or compliance with certain specific certifications.
These hoses are for professional, non-domestic use, another reason for the absence of an expiry date.