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Shrink gun Ripack 2000ease of use for your packaging needs

Robust and very safe, Ripack 2000 is perfect for shrink-wrapping your pallets. For moderate use, the Ripack 2000 offers unrivalled quality and reliability.

This model is used for protecting products with shrink-wrap in a number of sectors such as manufacturing, construction, agri-food and transport/logistics.

Technical table

Power consumption to 55 KW
Pressure 1.5 to 3.5 bars
Weight 1200 g



Securipack is our way of making shrink-wrapping simpler and safer every time you use it.

Ripack 2000 un produit robuste

Robustness at your service IS IDEAL FOR INDUSTRIAL USE

Its simple design and the quality of the materials make the Ripack 2000 a product that will last. Performing well in difficult conditions, the Ripack 2000 shrink gun meets all your pallet wrapping requirements. The quality of its heat, a common feature of the Ripack range, allows you to shrink film without creating holes, with ease.

A heat tool for all your
shrinkwrapping projects

Ripack 2000 works with different types of gas. Originally sold in a propane version, a natural gas version is now also available. For some markets with different gas qualities, it is also compatible with propane/butane mixes or pure butane (overseas departments and territories, hot countries).

Pack complet ripack 2000

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