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Shrink gun
Ripack 2200
flexibility for your packaging needs

Modular and very safe, Ripack 2200 is perfect for shrink-wrapping your pallets. For moderate use, the Ripack 2200 also offers the possibility of working on large areas (using extension poles).

This model is used for protecting products with shrink-wrap in a number of sectors such as manufacturing, agri-food, construction, yachting and containment.

Technical table

Power consumption to 72 kW
Pressure 1.5 to 3.5 bars
Weight 1160 g
Noise level < 85 dbA
Warranty 1-year warranty on parts and labor


Securipack is our way of making shrink-wrapping simpler and safer every time you use it.

Ripack 2200 en contour

Versatility and

To shrink large areas of film, the RIPACK® Series 3000 has a range of five extension poles from 0.5 to 2 metres long, which can also be used with the RIPACK® 2200 model and can be fitted with a simple click.

A folding arm rest makes the gun more comfortable to use when fitted with an extension pole.

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