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Ripack is now shipping all model heat guns with the “EasyStep” Tool Box!

Since 2013, the RIPACK® 3000 heat gun has been shipping in the large, plastic, “EasyStep” carrying case whereas, the RIPACK® 2000 and 2200 models have been shipping in the old plastic gun cases.

This “EasyStep” carrying case facilitates the storage of the heat gun without having to take care of the hose winding. It can also carry tools and accessories such as: a roll of adhesive tape, a knife, pair of gloves and so on.

It is also useful as a stepstool to raise the operator 12 additional inches to shrink-wrap the highest pallets (max. 120 kg /265 lbs.). 

For all these reasons, we are pleased to inform you that future shipments of the RIPACK® 2200 and 2000 models will also be shipped in this “large format” “EasyStep” carrying case once existing stock has depleted.

On this occasion, a new inner blocking carton, more resistant, has also been developed in order to receive all our guns indifferently while