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Sun And Humidity Protection for Industrial Products Using Shrink-Wrap

If you store pallets of products outside or have products that may be sensitive to sunlight, anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film can offer the additional protection you need. Even if you don’t intend on storing pallets of products outside, it’s always a good to use UV stabilized shrink-wrap film.


Why should I use anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film?

Why do manufacturers use anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film? Manufacturers use anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film to protect products from the sun and humidity. The film is applied to polypropylene-coated drums, pallets, containers, large rolls, plastic bags, and other plastic packaging materials. It is also used in the production of wood, metal, and plastic folding cartons. The properties of anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film prevent color fading and peeling, while also protecting products last longer. The double-layer high UV absorption films and chemicals (anti-UV barrier and anti-UV stabilization) help reduce fading of products. anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film not only protects against the sun’s harmful rays, it also helps prevent UV fade and discoloration of packaging materials.


What is anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film?

Anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film is a type of flexible corrugated film. Like other types of films, it offers excellent durability, and it also can protect products easier to get in and out of trucks during transport. However, it’s the anti-UV stabilizers that truly make the film so good at protecting products and preventing them from being damaged by moisture, heat, and the sun. Any of our Ripack shrink guns and products can be used to shrink-wrap your products using anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film.


How does UV stabilized shrink-wrap film work?

Anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film works to block UV light from penetrating the product. When exposed to UV light, the film provides an additional level of protection, blocking sunburn, flare and premature aging, while helping the products maintain their original condition. The film is also useful when storing products indoors. Storing materials in place of glass allows for the film to be easy to handle, while also providing access to air-flow, humidity control and protection from light. Anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrap film can also help prevent damage to materials. Soft and synthetic materials, which are often susceptible to damage from UV light, can benefit from this film.


How do I know if my products need UV stabilized shrink-wrap film?

The National Storage Association (NSA) conducted a study in collaboration with the STI Products and Equipment Association and co-sponsored by the National Storage Association to find out which products in storage need additional protection from the sun and humidity. Here are some general guidelines, based on NSA’s and STI’s storage associations’ jurisdictions and storage types: Patio furniture, Game consoles, Furniture, or auto parts.  Of course, you need to determine which of your products make sense to use anti-UV stabilized shrink-wrapping.



Ripack shrink guns and products is able to be used on any kind of shrink-wrap film you choose to protect your industrial products from the sun and humidity.  If you are storing products outdoors and need a shrink gun to shrink-wrap your products, using any of Ripack’s shrink guns and products is always an excellent choice.